Selasa, 09 April 2013


I’m so tired of feeling like this. Feeling like I’m not good enough, like nothing I will ever do will result to anything of importance. I’m tired of having nights like this where I look back on my life and see nothing, a ling strain of disappointment and what ifs. I understand that my childhood was a pretty good one and the only thing I have to complain about is that fact that I moved so much and that its really no excuse because so many more people have it much worse. But that being said I still feel that nothing I ever do is good enough. Like in school, nothing is ever good enough. Especially when I talk about what I want to do in life, according to him its not a “real job”. Its just that feeling of never being good enough for any one in my life is starting to wear more on me as I get older. I know my friends say that it not true and I feel better for a little while, but it always creeps back in my thoughts and consumes me. I’m sick of the feeling that I can’t escape! I can only escape into my own “world” for so long before I have to come crashing back to reality and live my life of disappointment. I just want it all to change to be better. I am trying, I’m going to school for what I love and have goals set for myself that I want to achieve. But every time I bring these goals up I’m put down almost every time. They all say that it’s to big of a dream to go for, that it will never happen. And maybe they’re right, maybe I shouldn’t go for this…….

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