Jumat, 07 Desember 2012

Kenichi Matsuyama

My Favourite Character

L aka Ryuzaki.. !!!

A superb brilliant character with funny and wierd habbits. I was amazed on how he manage to prove the existence of Kira in the very first place. He don't even need any solid evidence and just using a prisoner that will be on a death sentence, he manage to make Kira prove Kira's existence.

This method was simply brilliant.. i must say, using the same method in real- life, it worked effectively!!! 

"why he will be my first favorite, no question about it.
Aside from his stunning intelligence and deductive skills, he has an odd aura of charisma to him. 

He's horrendously attractive, I scare myself even thinking about him. His peculiar habits are all too adorable. It is safe to say that I was awestruck the first time I heard him confront Kira.

L is an unique, adorable and genius character, he cute!"

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