Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Lover and best friend

I like relationship where you can be both lover and best friend, It isn't everyday where you will find someone that's willing to be your best friend and your boyfriend/girlfriend 
You'll playfull hit each other, punch each other, kick each other, tease each other, pinch each other, squeeze each other until the say stop. But in the end you'll hug each other. you can confide secret  each other as if they're the only one you can trust. you'll help each other out and even give them advice. But having relationship as both lover and best friend are the best kind & the ones that many people long for.
Having a boyfriend as your best friend is like the sweetest thing ever. you can chill, you can get jealous sometimes. you can fight and then make up after, have lots of picture together, making silly faces. It's just  nice to have thhat person who will stay in love with you no matter what happend.

Inspiration posting from (my best friends) @prissy_prakasita and @muiz_118's relationship :)

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