Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Sorry (2) Mom and Dad T_T

Mom Dad i'm sorry very much for you and other family when i have.
i really really got sorry for you, this time my life like was on the ropes.
wil die in school ?
Once when i was in Junior High School i can make you proud of me.
but Now ?? Now ? when i'm in Senior High School ?? I can't I can't 
and God i only have 4 time to change all. and i hope i can change it's for My parent and Close Family :')
specially for my Best Friend ! ! ! cause i ever have a big fell about that hope you understand what's my meand.

This Hope only for
My Mother and Father who always near me when i sad but always i forgeted when i'm happy

For My Grandma and Grandpa who's always give me monay  spiritual life and amazing life when i child

And For my close friends who alwys make me happy and usually sad cause their succes :)

Before  I die, i'd like to see a good change in this generation Drenched In HATE

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