Kamis, 01 Desember 2011


Now, you know if i have in Senior High School. so' i have new friends too in my school. yeah friends, best friend and [hope] love.
But guys, if i have new friends, will i forget my close friends ? no no no and no, i love my Junior high school's friends and always love them.
but i have any problem in my school now. i am't yet find my best friend like in JHS .
and deprest, frustast, or anything in my head.
hey . what i say -,- ohhhhhh GOD
i confused about my test next week. confused confused and confused again.
about my mathematic, about my physics about my chemistry, and about my toefl test oh noww.
especially about mathematic oh no it's can make my day broke. HEY !! my Match's Daily score never got good ;0
huffh my future is threatened . . . . .
no body can help me, but only me -,-"

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