Rabu, 30 November 2011

Remember @Jogjakarta 12-14 February 2011

In this night, i don't know suddenly i remember the memory 10 mount ago :(
i remember when i and my friends visited Jogjakarta oh noooww.
i miss them, i miss when we sat on the bus together and we watched the horor movie in this time :D
ohh i remember yeah i remember and i miss this memories
next i miss when we staied at Bhineka Hotel near the Malioboro market street, and in night we walked around the malioboro street oh yeah . . . .
that nice moment,. when my friend happied with their partner, and when there was my friends who broken heart with their lovely . hahaha that'is random time .
and not forget when we at hotel and maked the hotel became dirty because out cotton pillows hahahahaha :D "pillow fight" and maked our teacher angry because this condition.
the next day we went out from this Bhineka hotel (it's sad time) and we will back to Jember oh noo.. (@14Feb) but before it, we visited the Prambanan temple in Solo .
guys the story not only it's. actually i have the big story along my holiday, but i can't tell you all the condition.
. . . . . oh yeah, i have a little cute memory when we have visited J O G J A K A R T A

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